Target Objectives by Phase

Valuable Recycling, Gateway to Green Earth


Strategies by Phased
Phase I Stage 뀪
- Early commercialization of developed technology for ensuring market dominance;
- Securing original technology on resource recycling;
Identifying and developing technologies with great market potential by concentrating our
   R&D capacities
Electrical & Electronics - Technologies on disassembling, crushing, and sorting
- Technologies on recovering resources and non-hazardous technology
- Home appliances, components/materials (PBCs, magnets, PU foam),
   displays (CRTs, LCDs)
- Lighting devices, batteries, wires & cables, silicon sludge, waste fluids,
Automotive - Disassembling system, monitoring and data management system,
   dismantled parts recycling technologies, etc.
- Automatic sorting and recycling of ASR(Automobile Shredder Residue)
Metals & Inorganics - Technologies for recovering valuable resources
- Development of materials(rapid curing binder, geopolymer) as an
   alternative to cement
- Organic and inorganic composites technologies
- Slags, Coal Ashes, Spent DeNox & DeSox Catalysts, etc.
Organics - Technologies on recovering resources by supercritical fluids,
   depolymerizing, and producing chemical raw materials, etc.
- Low grade PET, crosslinking PE, fats & oils, rubber, etc.
Stage 뀫
- Commercialization of major research outcomes by expanding scales and proving acquired
Electrical & Electronics - Establishment of a comprehensive recycling system for PCBs, LCDs,
   batteries and lighting devices, etc.
- Recycling massive hazardous waste such as pastes and filters
Automotive - Recovering high valued resources from dismantled auto parts such as
   catalyst, glass, rubber, seat, high capacity Li-battery
- Supply of the disassembling system to the domestic industry;
- Export of custom-made disassembling systems
Metals & Inorganics - Recycling massive wasted resources such as spent catalyst and slag,
- Export of plants for rapid cooling binder to India and South Africa
Organics - Recycling chemical raw materials from fats and oils, low grade PET,
   and crosslinking PE, etc.
- Recycling hazardous wasted materials such as PVC (pipes, window
   frames) and acrylic polymer, etc.
Phase II Stage 뀬/뀭
- Acquisition of core technologies for recycling future generating wastes
- Optimization and transfer of recycling technologies by demo plant operation
- Export of developed technologies by establishing comprehensive packaging techniques
Electrical & Electronics - OLED, touch-screen, LED lights, solar cell modules, etc.
Automotive - Recycling technology for future automobile components such as fuel
   cells, hydride batteries, automatic control systems
Metals & Inorganics, Organics Establishing a comprehensive resource recycling system by major materials (metal, glass, plastic, etc.)