Valuable Recycling, Gateway to Green Earth


Researchers have continuously developed cutting-edge convergence technologies in IT, NT, and BT for the advancement of human civilizations. Now it is the time that we preserve the environment and establish resource recycling technologies by concentrating all our effort. Armed with the future-oriented mindset centered on sustainable development through eco-friendly resource recycling, we should now take the responsibility and embrace the new eco-centered society.

To recycle collected wastes into economically useful resources, it is essential to understand the structural nature and the diversity of the components of wasted resources, and also to design a suitable, advanced recycling technology.

Only when investment appropriate to the current conditions of wasted resources and a series of promoting policies, including marketing and systemic support, together with the acquisition of international competitiveness of the development technologies, continue to be pursued systematically and efficiently can we then expand and advance our environmental industry to make profits.

With the support of the Ministry of Environment, we aim to develop eco-friendly, highly efficient, and high valued recycling technology so as to move the country forward to help realize its goal to become one of the world셲 top five eco-friendly nations, and also to improve people셲 quality of life and inherit a more beautiful and cleaner world to the next generation.

We hope for your continuing support of and interest in our endeavor.